Imperial Group attended forum on internationalization in higher education – “Promoting student mobility”

On Feb 16th, 2017 on behalf of IMPERIAL Group, Prof. Dr. Karl Brandmeir  – Dean of IMPERIAL INTERNATION Hotel School and Director of Asian Academic Center of Niagara University, New York, United States attended the Forum on Internationalization in Higher Education held at the Foreign trade University, Hanoi.

The participants of the forum

The Forum was organized by the Foreign Trade University and focused on contents related to the promotion and management of student mobility including attracting international students, supporting international students, sending students to study oversea, developing students’ cultural exchange activities, managing new educational and training environment which is cultural diversity and intensified competition.

Participated in the Forum were domestic and international representatives of over 30 educational institutions which came from many countries such as US, France, Italy, Norway, Japan, Korea, .., international educational organizations, the embassies from international countries in Vietnam. The delegates had many exchanges, discussion about successful models, experience in the implementation of internationalization of higher education and shared solutions and recommendations for the management agencies, as well as increased cooperation between worldwide educational institutions to promote internationalization of higher education.

Ph. D. Jeffrey Krug, Dean, Zeigler College of Business, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania was presenting a speech at the forum

Also during the event, Prof. Dr. Brandmeir presented a speech to express his agreement to the point of views of the participated delegates and pledged that the IMPERIAL Group would be always willing to acompany with the forum in the educational and human resource training activities, especially in the hospitality industry, according to international standards.

Prof. Dr. Brandmeir was presenting a speech at the forum

IMPERIAL Group, Niagara University representatives and Management Board of FTU

IMPERIAL International Hotel School

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