Does the school ensure a job after completing the Hotel Operation Management program?

SHOOL will ensure a job when:

  • Have qualifing results (including vocational skills, English proficiency)
  • Commit to a job at Imperial and 4, 5* Hotel partners (specific requirements depending on the position of the application)”
What are the specific result conditions to have a job commitment?
  • Based on the capacity of the students and the requirements for each position at the hotel
  • The results of the assessment of the learning process and the actual vocational skills for the job.
  • We will have a specific orientation for graduates
What are the requirements to register for the program?
  • Students who graduate from high school, have passion with Hospitality industry, aquired TOEIC 350 (or equivalent) and above
  • In case that the students do not have any English certificate, School Board will organize English placement test based on the TOEIC test
What is the English placement test? And how many parts are there in the test?
  • The test is built/ designed according to TOEIC test. The school will look at the results of the test to evaluate the English ability of the students at that time.
Why does the school set the English requirement base on TOEIC test, what if my writing - speaking skill are not appropriate enough?
  • The school will evaluate the English proficiency placement level based on the provided international English certificate (TOEIC, IELTS, TOFEL…equivalent) because the program is taught mostly in specialised English.
  • This level fully meets the requirements of the subjects in this program. TOEIC is now being used by the General Department of Tourism as a measure of English competence standards for the positions of 06 tourism majors.
How is the interview? What do I need to do to prepare for the interview?
  • Interview with the council, whereby the professionals will exchange and help the students to set the appropriate career path if they desire to pursue the hospitality industry.
Are the lecturers 100% foreigners? / Who are the lecturers?
  • Our programs are taught by enthusiastic faculty, experts, and lecturers from outside and inside the country who have experience and prestige in the industry
What position can I do when finish the program? My salary level/month?
  • With the knowledge and actual experience aquired during the program, graduates will be fully equipped with recruiting requirements at 4-5* Restaurants and Hotels at the positions like: Employee,Supervisor, Captain at the Departments such as Front office, F&B, Housekeeping, Customer Service… without retraining. Therefore, graduates’ salary will be from 8-12 million VND/ month and above
What are the international elements of the school?
  • Theprograms are designed and maintained by Niagara University, New York-USA, therefore, certificates and degrees have value to international, students who follow our program can transfer to Niagara, University, USA.
  • The programs are desiged/ sanctioned based on international Hotel school criteria and provide globally competitive value for students.
Will IMPERIAL Hotel facilitate students with part-time jobs? If so, how many hours can students work per week and with or without payment?
  • IIHC and The IMPERIAL hotel always facilitate qualified students (based on academic results & vocational practice skills) with part-time job with payment
  • Will the students be transferred to study university program at NU? If so, what are the requirements? Tuition fee?
  • Students can transfer if they are willing to study Undergraduate or Postgraduate Hotel Management programs of NU, USA (tuition fee and transferring requirements based on regulations of NU)
What are the differences between this Advanced Diploma program with Hotel management program of other College/ Uni?
  • IIHC is the first school in Vietnam providing the hospitality programs which follow the international “”Hotel School”” models. Our programs are designed and maintained by NU, NY-USA
  • Our programs are in both English & Vietnamese and taught by enthusiastic faculty who are experts, managers, senior advisors of the world-leading hotel corporations from outside and inside the country, have high interaction with lecturers during both theory and practice studying time.
  • Modern, active, learner-centered learning methods, focusing on On-the-Job Training with practical program up to 70%. In addition, management and actual handling case skills will equip students with experience to apply to work immediately after completion of the course
  • 100% job commitment & fast promotion at 4-5*domestic and international hotels, resorts after graduation.
Is there an internship in the program and what position or where will I work?
  • When following the Advanced Diploma program, students will practice up to 70% of the program in the actual environment at the 5* IMPERIAL Hotel & Residences. Therefore, there is no intership in our program.
How many students are there in 1 class? What is the training philosophy of the schoo?
  • There are 20-25 students/ class
  • SCHOOL’s philosophy: Modern, active, learner-centered learning methods, focusing on On-the-Job Training with practical program is up to 70%. In addition, management and actual handling case skills will equip students with experience to apply to work immediately after completion of the course/li>
What degrees or certificates will I be granted after finishing the 2 year program? Will this be accepted by international universities so that I can transfer or not?
  • After graduating from the Advanced Diploma program (2 years). Students will be granted: Advanced Diploma (issued by IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL HOTEL COLLEGE) & Certificate of Completion (issued by NU, NY, USA and IIHC)
  • Credit transfer if the students wish to follow the Hotel Management undergraduate or postgraduate program of NU, USA (tuition fee and transfering requirements based on regulations of NU)
Is there dormitary for students? If so, how far is it from the school? And the fee/ month?
  • IIHC provides dorm for students in need during the studying time. It takes 5 minutes by motorbike to go from the dorm to the SCHOOL. With a reasonable fee from 1,3 mil – 4 mil/person/month (depend on room type)
Is this program studied by credit or module?
  • These programs are desiged to study by credits
Is there any Hospitality English class?
  • We have Hospitality English program designed in multi-level certificates
Where will I study, how many compuses are there?
  • All theory and practice program will be taught at The 5* IMPERIAL Hotel & Residence. Currently, we only have 1 campus at Vung Tau
Do you offer scholarships to underprivileged students?
  • At the moment, we are offering schorlarships for underprivileged students with a value up to 20 millions.
  • Besides, IIHC also has an affiliated program with the bank to review student loans. The loan amount is up to 50% of the tuition fee
What are the requirements to stay at the dorm? Is there a canteen? Meal fee?
  • Students register to stay at the dorm at the beginning of the year/semester as regulated.
  • Canteen is inside the hotel. Serve lunch and dinner, with the price from VND 25,000 – 30,000/meal
After completing the program, does the school provide the opportunity to work at hotels and restaurants associated with Niagara University?
  • The school will have a job commitment at 5* hotels, resorts which are partners of the school in Vietnam if graduates meet the conditions of English and working skills; Working abroad also involves many issues such as visa application … so the school will consult for each specific case after graduating.
Is there any entrance exam? (If so, how many subjects will I have to test?)

IIHS requirements:

  • Review the High School academic report with High School graduates
  • TOEIC certificate from 350 (or equivalent and above), it the students do not have the certificate, they will take the English Placement test based on TOEIC test.
  • Interview and career orientation
How many semesters are there? What are the subjects? Content?
  • The training program centralized in 2 year (2 semesters/year, maximum 5 months/semester). Details and contents of the subjects please visit the link:
How is the evaluate form at the end of the semester for theory and practical program?
  • SStudents will be evaluated according to grade of 10, exchange to A, B, C, D, F according to training regulation built by the school, based on circular No. 09/2017/TT-BLÐTBXH regulated on organization of the implementation of secondary or college training programs according to the year of application or module or credit accumulation, examination regulations, graduation recognition.
How many teaching hours are there in the English program? Are they enough for the students to work at 4-5* hotel? Why?
  • Students will be advised to provide the English-studying path accoding to each level based on student’s ability. During the programs, students will be trained mostly with hospitality English. Beside the occupational requirements, English is also 1 of the school’s output criteria. Therefore, students can absolutely meet the recruiting requirements of 4-5* world-class hotel after graduating.
What if the students do not meet the English output requirement?
  • Students must submit the English certificate in the regulated time to be granted the degree.
How about the job commitment ability for this college program? The unemployed index is fairly high?
  • The difference in the training method of IIHC for the Advanced Diploma program – with the pratical time is up to 70% of the program. We assure that our students will be fully equipped with platform of skills, occupation, job criteria, along with actual experience in departments of the 5* IMPERIAL Hotel, VT. We commit 100% job opportunity and fast promotion at 4-5* hotels.
How can I pay the tuition fee? By year or by semester, modules?
  • Centialised training program in 2 years (2 semesters/years) and tuition fee will be collected by semester and at the beginning of the semester, the number is 48 million VND/ semester