The IMPERIAL Hotel Vung Tau collaborated with IMPERIAL International Hotel College (IIHC) to brings a memorable experience for UFM students, learning useful lessons associated with relaxation. During the 3 days and 2 nights staying at IMPERIAL, besides experienced the high-class room systems of The Imperial Residences, which designs are inspired from classic and luxurious European […]


Orientation training is a mandatory activity for IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel College’s new students besides the City tour program after the Opening Ceremony. As well as program for new employee, this course provides new students with general information about the IMPERIAL Group, College, business type, workplace health – safety and regulations. This program plays an important […]

City Tour

IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel College organizes an exciting and experiential trip for new students to visit 5-star hotels (where all creativity and quintessence are geared towards providing the best experience for customers). In addition, in this journey we also take our students to local historical sites and scenic place-Vung Tau. Hopefully, the knowledge gained through these […]

Opening Ceremony of The Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management Class (2 Years)

On September 4, 2019, at the IMPERIAL Hotel 5-star complex, the Opening Ceremony of The IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel College (IIHC), Advanced Diploma, Practical 2-year program Hospitality Management Course II, for Vietnamese and International students. The Opening Ceremony is an annual activity for the school and all students to welcome a new school year with many […]

The Opening Ceremony of The First Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management Class (2 Years)

On 8 October 2018, the Imperial International Hotel College (IIHC) held the opening ceremony of the 2-years Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management course at the five star Imperial hotel Vung Tau. This is the first course of the two year term with the program designed and taught by the Niagara University-New York (USA). The students who […]

Opportunity to study in the US and $1 million in Scholarships for Vietnamese students

On 21 June, 18, during the visit in Viet Nam, The Rev. James J. Maher, C.M – President of Niagara University announced  the $1 Million NU-Brennan Scholarship Gift to benefit Vietnamese students at Niagara University, New York USA and the extensive cooperation between Niagara University and the IMPERIAL Group in the training of Hotel Management […]

Training cooperation between IMPERIAL Group and HCMC University of Culture

On 07 June, 18; IMPERIAL Group jointly organised with HCMC University of Culture (HCMUC) to welcome the Thai students and students of HCMUC to visit and experience the educational program at the IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel School, took a step forward in the cooperation between two parties. At the meeting, the two parties agreed to cooperate […]

Prof. Dr. Karl D. Brandmeir participated in Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises Association Awards Ceremony

  During the 9th – 11th Dec, 2016, Dean of IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel School, Prof. Dr. Karl D. Brandmeir received the invitation to attend and present the Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises Association Awards Ceremony. Dean Karl (on the left) took the photo with Mr. Patrick Tan – Vice Chairman of Singapore Small and Medium […]